Strategic Advisory

Our consultants have extensive experience working directly with senior leadership teams. We have a track record of becoming trusted advisors at board level.  A&K teams combine breadth of business experience with deep technical knowledge. Our strategic insights are often creative but are always built on a foundation of practical delivery.

We take pride in addressing core issues head on and delivering difficult messages with clarity.  In these cases, we naturally articulate overall options for senior management. We will also develop detailed response plans and even drive implementation where appropriate.

Programme set up

Setting up processes and structures driving management of large programmes is often neglected. Time and resource invested early can avoid huge inefficiencies later on during delivery, where focus is naturally drawn to “fighting fires." A&K's engagement at the very start of a programme can ensure that the programme mechanics are working efficiently and merely need fine tuning to maximise the results achieved from the business input.

Building the business case

Everybody should know what a programme is delivering for the business! This requires a clear and widely understood statement of business benefits. Linking those benefits to projected programme costs via delivered functionality is not always easy but is essential for tangible programme success. Formulating and articulating those critical links (and helping to maintain them) has been a core element of A&K's engagements in recent years.

Vendor selection approaches

When dealing with large software vendors, it is important to have explicit vendor management strategies and approaches. Structured vendor selection is where this all starts. A&K has worked with all of the major Telecoms software vendors and is well placed to give independent advice on their different approaches, strengths and weaknesses. On the ground, we have run and supported the full range of selection processes and subsequent negotiations.

Effective governance

Effective governance sits at the core of successful programme implementations, large or small. Every organisation and every programme is unique. A&K’s wealth of delivery experience allows us to guide the creation and execution of control and reporting processes that cater for your particular organisational environment. We have a deep understanding of how best practice structures can be adapted to match available skills and experience.