Our clients’ need for effective programme delivery can often come in many diverse forms: structured and proven building blocks to control costs, ensure the integrity of revenue streams, define and measure company performance indicators, streamline operational processes and implement the strategic vision of our group but be understanding of our local needs and customers.

Many years of practical expertise based on real lessons learned means we are a tried and tested solution to large delivery hurdles.

Our delivery approach always leverages one core competency: our unique ability to extract, correlate and interpret technical and commercial data sources to enable the success of our customers.

Profitability analysis

Allolio&Konrad offers a unique portfolio of skills that permits us to build profitability information bottom-up that can be used as a central instrument for corporate management reporting.

We take operational data, apply controlling concepts and provide profitability information on the most granular level. We do not “estimate” profitability – our profitability analysis is fact based.

We combine methodological competence regarding the derivation of result information and expertise regarding the interpretation of the parameters to identify value-added measurements.

Cost Allocation

Allolio&Konrad provides a method to allocate infrastructure cost according to actual use and helps implement and integrate the production controlling methods into the existing systems and processes. Our Network Costing Model allows consistent and dynamic allocation of platform costs providing transparency throughout the supply chain for all carrier services. By comparing planned to actual production cost and by contrasting planned and actual asset utilisation, our clients can pinpoint under-utilised assets and inefficient production of products and services.

Programme Management

From a purely content perspective, our demonstrable experience makes us a logical programme management choice for any customer wishing to secure the successful delivery of an important programme. Inviting A&K to manage or support your programme means that you benefit from years of experience of structured approaches to complex projects combined with real lessons learned of what has worked recently in practice in some of the most complex and challenging programmes in Europe.

Data analytics

How can you keep track of all your data, much less analyse it to spot the trends that it could and should be telling you?

A&K can help you break down the complexity in this area. We apply very pragmatic solutions to complex data problems to allow you to get the information you need to make effective and informed decisions.

Data Migration

Innovation in Telecommunication technology, process redesign/optimisation, post-merger integration, IT/architectural changes and system replacements and regulatory compliance create a constant need for data migrations. Allolio&Konrad are experts in assisting with the consolidation, transformation and conversion of data and data sources. Based on the experience in various projects, we have developed a methodology to leverage desired synergies and address the specific risks of the industry like business continuity and data integrity for large volumes.

Data Cleansing - An Industry Challenge

Due to the dynamic nature of the industry and rapidly changing operating environments, it is common that the integrity of operational and commercial data is compromised. The resulting data inconsistencies pose a serious risk to operational efficiency, revenue stream integrity and customer service. Drawing on an in-depth understanding of Telecommunication specific processes, systems and products, Allolio&Konrad can draw on a proprietary tool box to remedy such inconsistencies and ensure that data integrity is achieved quickly and maintained and controlled going forward.