What does Business Transformation mean and why is it challenging?

Business Transformation has become a key term in the Telecommunication industry today. Although widely used, there is no common understanding of what it really means. For Allolio&Konrad, Business Transformation implies to change across the whole organisation. This includes the IT infrastructure, but the primary focus and impact is on the business processes of an organisation. Transformation means to change, to alternate and to become different. A prerequisite for successful Transformation is the cross organisational alignment on the company’s vision, its technology and its business processes. Therefore, a Transformation programme must be anchored to clear long-term objectives.

The key drivers for a Transformation programme vary, depending on the context and the key objectives behind the desired change. In the Telecommunications industry, usually a combination of drivers for change can be found, often related to advances in technology and changes in customer behaviour.

One thing is for sure – every Business Transformation programme is different and change will be constant. This applies to everything, from the business and benefits case, to objectives, to the design approach and its execution. A big bang approach works for some organisations, whereas long-run transformation through a series of smaller steps fits others better. The challenge of Business Transformation programmes is rarely their complexity, the real challenge is in taking the time to set-up and structure the programme for success. Let us take you through what we think makes the real difference in the early stages – you will be surprised by how simple it suddenly can become!

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