Transformation Programmes in the Telecommunication Industry 

Allolio&Konrad are experts in undertaking major Transformation and Strategic Change programmes within the Telco industry.

Many of our clients trust us to run all major parts of their business critical BSS Change programmes. We plan, manage and assure the roll-out of newly integrated BSS (Order Management, Billing, CRM, Product Management). Our work is frequently the critical building block in a post-merger integration or a system consolidation programme.

Business and IT Transformation is an area where many firms operate. However, Allolio&Konrad can offer extensive knowledge and expertise of how these systems function, are best configured for the end users and interact within fast moving Telecommunication companies. We provide you with detailed insights and support to structure effective contracts that are balanced and focused on aligning incentives towards delivery of real benefits rather than merely a software launch.

In addition to understanding the importance of capturing comprehensive functional requirements and undertaking detailed and prioritised transition/migration planning, Allolio&Konrad also realises that a programme is wider than just the implementation and the migration to the new system involved. We ensure that the surrounding processes and controls are adapted to be fit for purpose in the target landscape and that all of its users are fully trained in both how the new systems function and how they now need to be interacted with.

Throughout our work, using our Programme Assessment Framework (PAF) methodology, we closely track the business case associated with each programme to ensure that the expected benefits are delivered and to provide early warning if areas are not delivering as expected.

Our lessons learned in undertaking and managing these complex Business Transformation initiatives for Telecommunication companies and the years of successful delivery experience we bring to the table can easily make the difference between project success and failure.

So why is BSS challenging?