Our Methodology – Programme Assessment Framework (PAF)

In the context of our successful advisory, delivery and assurance projects, Allolio&Konrad has developed and constantly enhances its proven Programme Assessment Framework (PAF) methodology. The PAF is a comprehensive repository of Allolio&Konrad best practice thinking and experience. The framework provides the structure to guide our initial review of any project/ programme and is therefore applicable to a wide range of transformation initiatives. It identifies and describes the key elements that need to be considered in understanding an existing programme structure or setting up a new one. The PAF can be used as a basis for a review across the full programme or it can be applied piecemeal to more focused activities.

The Allolio&Konrad Programme Assessment Framework is a guideline and not a handbook and only works together with the comprehensive knowledge of our consultants. A significant level of experience is required to understand the outcome of the assessment work, to interpret the results and to draw the right conclusions for taking corrective action. Our lessons learned in undertaking and managing complex Business Transformation initiatives for Telecommunication companies and the years of successful delivery experience we bring to the table can easily make the difference between success and failure.