For more than a decade, Allolio&Konrad has assured, managed and delivered many mission critical and transformational programmes for our Telecoms clients. Having been on both the delivery side and the assurance side of the fence, we have gained deep and particular insights into the pitfalls and challenges such programmes can face.

Our approach to Assurance is very pragmatic and we believe that a critical part of providing successful assurance services is to not merely point out the issues but to provide clear guidelines and support as to what exactly needs to be undertaken to fully resolve those issues.

Programme Assurance

Our Programme Assurance service offering allows our clients to capitalise on real "lessons learned" and to leverage our ability to anticipate and help mitigate the challenges associated with major programmes. Our approach is far more operational than purely strategic and thus our ability to contribute and assure effectively at a very detailed level is unequalled. The ability of our experienced teams to objectively compare programme progress with prior experiences and to identify and trigger precise corrective actions significantly increases the chances of successful programme delivery.

Revenue Assurance

It is an established fact that Telecommunication companies loose a substantial fraction of their revenues.  However, revenue leakage does not have to be a cost of doing business. It can be avoided and we know how. We find the holes in order-to-cash processes, help to close them and assist in protecting revenue streams.

Cost Assurance

Are you 100% comfortable with the invoices you receive from your biggest suppliers? When it comes to the world of Telecoms wholesale billing and reconciliation there is often a huge amount of complexity. Our aim is to fast-track cost assurance, discrepancy identification, validation and recovery activities wherever possible and to ensure at all times that we have all the necessary facts and information to make informed and insightful decisions that will ultimately lead to proving the validity of the invoices received.