The Recruiting Process

Your Application

Q: How important are my application documents to the application process?

A: Your application documents are the key to Analysys Mason's recruiting door. The documents should contain all your relevant information as they are the basis of our decision as to whom we will invite for a personal interview. Neat and well organized documents will make a better impression.

Q: Which documents should a complete application include?

A: You should submit your CV, your educational transcripts and previous job references. A motivational letter is not required.

Your CV should summarize all relevant information regarding your education and professional experience in chronological order. Furthermore, we appreciate information regarding your IT and language skills as well hobbies and extracurricular activities.

Analysys Mason decides if you are qualified by reading your educational transcripts.
Therefore, we strongly recommend submitting your high school ("Abitur" or "A-Levels") and university transcripts.

Q: How important are my job references from previous employers?

A: Analysys Mason appreciates job references that offer a true glimpse into your personality, skills and work ethic. We follow up on references included to validate information.

Q: Is there a preferred method to submitting applications?

A: No, you can either apply via email or send us your hardcopy application. We do not differentiate.

Q: How long does it take before you receive a response from Allolio&Konrad?

A: We strive to reply to your application within one week of receiving it.

Your Interview


Q: What is the usual interview process at Analysys Mason?

A: We try to arrange for interviews with promising candidates as soon as possible.

As we receive applications from all over Europe, we arrange for an initial telephone interview if the distance between your residence and our office in Bonn is too long.

If we like what we hear in your telephone interview, we will invite you for a personal interview. Since we want to make sure that you are a good fit for our company there are usually at least two interviews with our partners. This offers you the possibility to ask all the questions that you have and you can find out whether you can see yourself working at A&K.

Q: How should I prepare for my (telephone) interview?

A: At Analysys Mason we try to learn as much as possible about a person we interview. Therefore you should be prepared to answer questions about
  • your studies,
  • your career up until now,
  • your idea of the job you want to do, and
  • your plans for the future in respect to your job (your 5-10 year career plan).
You should also be ready to do a case study during a job interview at Allolio&Konrad. The duration of the case study is usually no longer than ten minutes and it is designed to find out how you handle new or unknown topics and tasks. Depending on the job you apply for (Consultant / IT Consultant) the topic of the chosen case study will be either business based or technical related.

Q: Do I have to bring specific documents to the personal interview?

A: Assuming that you have submitted your complete set of application documents, you do not have to bring any further documentation on the day of your interview. If you feel that you have forgotten something important, you might send those documents in advance so that they can be considered for your interview.

Q: How long does it take before I receive a response after my interview?

A: In general, we try to get back to you as quickly as possible. We do not want to waste your time or ours.