Project managers

You have worked several years as a Project Manager at a reputable firm and are able to translate complex customer challenges into solutions. You may even be positioned as the consultant of choice at your existing clients. You know how to manage projects and provide high quality deliverables that live up to the expectations of discerning clients. Your analytical skills are strong and you excel at leading and motivating a team. You like to take charge, embrace responsibility and expect to be held accountable for meeting agreed upon performance targets.

Our service offerings revolve around translating financial and operational data into business intelligence that helps our customers improve their operations. Our working style is characterised by the following:

  • a customer-comes-first culture,
  • an emphasis on tangible results, and
  • rapid and pragmatic decision making.

We value our team of professionals as our biggest asset. We seek to provide a work environment free of hierarchies and red tape and we try to accommodate individual needs. On our engagements, we emphasise the power of the team while ensuring that individual contributions are recognised. We expect industry leading performance from our team. In return, our remuneration, career development and supportive environment is designed to attract and retain the best.