"Vodafone engaged Peter and some of his A&K Consultants to help support a major transformation initiative. I found them to be a team who provide impartial and excellent advice that is always sensible and executable. They focus on identifying workable solutions to problems that have yet to materialise through their expert knowledge and insights. They talk in a language that is easily understood by all areas of the business and they tell the truth (even if it hurts) and thus I feel they care about doing what is right for our business. In summary, I feel they have a pro-active style of working and expertise in making the risks to our business transparent in a pragmatic and structured way; thus I personally valued having them on board and would happily recommend them."
Carla De Geyseleer, CFO, Vodafone Netherlands

"EE engaged Peter's A&K team on a major, strategic transformation programme, based upon their experience, skills and values. Their approach to work of this nature is unique inasmuch as A&K are able to define strategy, translate this into reality and take a ‘hands on’ approach, as part of the team, to execute. A refreshing change to the all too familiar consultancy presentation that goes nowhere!
A&K bring a mixture of pragmatism, focus and leadership that allows an organisation to move forward effectively, involving its own employees as part of transformation. They do not outstay their welcome – they simply focus on quality and results." 
Jackie O'Leary, Chief Customer Officer, EE (formerly EverythingEverywhere)

“I worked with Allolio&Konrad in the context of a global outsourcing initiative and I can sum up their output in one word – excellent! They became a very important part of the deal team, not just because of the work they did in fulfilling the commercial model requirements, and in supporting us in our internal meetings and vendor meetings, but also in helping us in planning and formulating strategies to try to progress this (difficult and politically sensitive) initiative.
A&K has shown exceptional professionalism in dealing with the suppliers throughout this programme, representing our organisation’s best interests at all times, but with enough foresight to recognise where the suppliers need additional support, and then producing really good clarifications to enable them to deliver against a complex set of requirements. A&K were great team players, and actively contributed in all aspects of this programme to support all members of the deal team.”
Deal Team Lead, VP in a leading multinational company

"We engaged Peter and his team in A&K on a number of key business initiatives, I always find their approach refreshing, focusing on really understanding the drivers of our business performance, pragmatic, challenging and commercially focused with a passion for delivering on their commitments to the client."
Paul Whelan, CFO, Telefónica Ireland

“Having worked with Allolio&Konrad before, I would not hesitate to do so again. Expertise, honesty, candour and confidentiality - key behaviours and skills that A&K bring to the party and ones that mean they are one of the first organisations I look to when embarking on transformation programmes or mission critical projects”
Lou Zonato, Director of Major Programme Delivery, EE (formerly Everything Everywhere)

"The fact that we worked with Peter and the team from A&K on multiple projects and programmes over a 5 year period, is testament to the fact that I would not hesitate to do so again. They are refreshing to work with because they always deliver what they promise; they tell the truth (even if sometimes we don't always want to hear that) and they always do what is right for our business. Having A&K engaged definitely put our minds at ease as you know the project will be successfully delivered but also that they will build capability within your internal teams."
Nick Lefever, General Manger, Supply Chain, Telefónica O2 UK

“Having worked with A&K on a number of occasions over a 7 year period, I can recommend them as an organisation that can provide impartial advice, pragmatic solutions, and one of a rare breed who honour their commitment on deliverables regardless of some of the obstacles that arise during an engagement. They pride themselves in ensuring the broader picture is taken into account, and have on occasion identified and helped address broader issues that were outside their engaged scope. I would be happy to recommend them.” 
Ita Lehane, Head of Technology Business Operations, Telefónica Ireland

“The strength A&K bring is their independence in advice and decision making support. A&K know the key software vendors and have vast experience of working and negotiating with them but are not tied in which means we EE and clients really benefit from support which helps make the right decision from our company.” 
James Cuthell, Finance Lead, Transformation Programme, EE (formerly Everthing Everywhere)

“A&K developed a partnership with Telefónica by integrating and working as integral part of our team. They understand the value of knowledge and trust, going the extra mile to build lasting relationships. Their open and transparent approach along with their ability to understand our business strategy helped strengthen our partnership effectiveness.
During their time working with Telefónica UK, their independence to software vendors allowed for impartial selection and subjective critique of solution designs. As a knowledgeable partner they also proposed out of scope value adds, ensuring that these were self-funded or delivered within the agreed budget.”
Duncan Ward, Supply Strategy Manager, Telefónica UK

"A&K's input and support was extremely helpful to our BSS Transformation Programme. They were able to engage the business, explaining what was really happening and how the process would unfold, in language that makes sense to senior business stakeholders and users. We regularly relied not only on their business transformation experience but also on their detailed knowledge of the Software Vendor's product and how it can be put to best use to create opportunities to deliver true business benefits."
Richard Newhouse, Manager, Consumer Strategy, Vodafone Netherlands

“Allolio&Konrad worked with us seamlessly as part of an in-house team on a significant project within our business. The qualities that I most appreciated about their people was the fact that they gave us impartial advice, we didn’t always like their advice, but they told it as it was…
They kept us on the straight and narrow and managed the project with great integrity and efficiency, delivering on their promises.” 
B2B Director, Tier 1 Mobile Telco in the UK