We are proud of our motivated and highly competent team consisting of just over 50 bright individuals. Some of our consultants are presented in the following section.

Our Managing Director


Peter McMenemy

Peter McMenemy is a managing director of Allolio&Konrad and has been leading the Mobile Telecoms Consulting practice for more than 10 years.

Peter has over 15 years of experience successfully setting up and running a wide variety of strategic change, BSS transformation and IT system replacement programmes.

During the last decade, Peter has advised many Telecoms' Executive Boards on the right strategic business change approach and helped them execute their visions to become high performing businesses delivering real results.

Prior to joining A&K, Peter was the UK CTO of Vodafone Global Content Services (formally Vizzavi) where he was responsible for the UK roll-out of the Vodafone Live proposition and all IT and operational platforms and systems. Before joining Vodafone, Peter was European IT Director at Primus Telecommunications.

Peter also held positions at Ernst & Young and Deloitte. While at Ernst & Young, he set up and ran the Business Process Consultancy department delivering operational best practice, business process improvement and system processes integration projects across a diverse TMT client base.

Peter holds an Honours Bachelor’s degree in Commercial Law from the University of Glasgow in Scotland. Peter also attended the INSEAD, International Executive Programme (IEP) in 2002.

Some of our Senior Team


Mirko Weißmann

Mirko Weissmann joined Allolio&Konrad back in 2003.

Mirko is a specialist when it comes to running any sort of project to build up sensible controlling information for large and complex telecoms' companies due to his extensive knowledge in the areas of databases, statistics, controlling processes and operational research. Within A&K, Mirko is responsible for our key data quality projects and profitability analysis projects.

Mirko has built up significant knowledge around the mapping of products in SAP and managing telecoms' inventories (local-loops in particular). His clients see him as a miracle worker when it comes to making sense of complex data and deriving meaningful results from the seemingly endless volumes of product and service information.

Mirko joined A&K following his studies at the Martin-Luther-University of Halle/Wittenberg where he earned a degree in Mathematics.

Dr. Igor Doktorski

Igor Doktorski joined Allolio&Konrad in 2008.

Igor is one of life’s problem solvers. From his time solving mathematics and physics problems for his PhD thesis to tackling some of the more regular problems we face around BSS transformation programmes, Igor has always brought his talent for logical thinking and creating positive outcomes to bear.
Igor is a highly flexible yet strongly results driven telco professional who takes pride in helping his clients within both the mobile and fixed line telco industries to create and implement innovative solutions to their business challenges. He has successfully delivered a number of our key projects and programmes across data migration, order management, BSS transformation, cost assurance and IT systems consolidation.

Igor holds a PhD in Mathematics and Physics from the Ruprecht-Karls University of Heidelberg in Germany. He is fluent in English, German, Russian and Polish.

Jan Greulich

Jan Greulich joined the Allolio&Konrad team in 2008.

Over the past few years, Jan has been leading key parts of many of our major migration programmes. Jan possesses the ability to zoom in on the root of the problem with laser like precision. As such he often gets called in on some of our more tactical time-critical projects to lend an experienced hand.

Jan has led several complex transformation and migration programmes for some of our largest German telecoms clients and is never afraid of jumping into ambitious projects and challenging environments. He has solid problem solving abilities backed up by the implementation of good project discipline. Jan is experienced in most areas of major programme delivery and is highly skilled in the area of customer data migration in the context of business transformation programmes. Jan also has an excellent knowledge of programme interdependency set-up and management.

Jan received his degree in Business Administration (Diplom Kaufmann) from the University of Greifswald in Germany. Jan speaks German and English.

Philipp Zeidler

Philipp Zeidler joined Allolio&Konrad in 2007 and has successfully delivered multiple projects which were entrusted to him by our customers. These projects were within the mobile and fixed line sphere and covered IT and business aspects as well as technical and commercial aspects. Topics were, for example, data quality, solution design or vendor selection. In his latest project, he coordinated the technical implementation of a new fixed-line-convergence product for corporate customers.

Our customers appreciate Philipp’s ability to simplify complexity by structuring reality into manageable components. He is able to distil and to present the essence.

Philipp studied “Europäische Wirtschaft” at the Otto-Friedrich-University in Bamberg and is fluent in German and English and proficient in Spanish.

Alexander Dobrev

Alexander Dobrev is one of our Senior Managers and joined Allolio&Konrad in 2011.

Building on over 12 years of experience, Alexander is helping clients transforming their complex Information and Communication Technology (ICT) landscapes, strategic sourcing models, and ways of working. He combines his conceptual and quantitative strengths with the ability to leverage the diverse skills, qualifications, and cultures of the multi-disciplinary teams he leads. The results bring tangible value and decision support to senior and top management.

Areas of subject matter expertise include high-end personal advisory, commercial models, business cases and benefits realisation, strategic transformational outsourcing, contract negotiations, programme assurance, and portfolio management.

With A&K, Alexander has supported clients from multinational companies in Telco and Financial Services. Alexander also looks back at substantial experience in public sector consulting, with focus on ICT-led transformation of health care delivery in Europe.

Alexander holds a Master’s degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from the University of Oxford.

Dr. Clara Beutner

Clara Beutner is a Manager of Allolio&Konrad and joined in 2012.

Clara successfully transferred her scientific way of thinking and her will to deliver excellent results from the stem-cell laboratory to the Telco clients of A&K.

For A&K, Clara participated in and lead projects which delivered outcomes exceeding the customers’ expectations and providing best value.

Her experience ranges from data-centric invoicing processes to the commercial evaluation of global multi-million telecommunications deals between major Telco players. Clara’s focus on details never failed to spot the pitfalls in RfP responses and contract drafts, ensuring the customer gets the best deal. In addition, her technical knowledge enables her to ensure business requirements are realised in the right way during software implementation and configuration.

Clara holds a PhD in Biology from the Friedrich-Wilhelms-University in Bonn and completed her MBA at the European Remote University Hamburg with a thesis on Social Business Software. She is fluent in German and English and has a basic knowledge of French.

Henry Beier

Henry Beier has been part of the Allolio&Konrad team since 2006.

Henry is subject matter expert for migration and reporting projects which handle huge amounts of data. On these projects, he can make use of his extensive knowledge in the ETL and database sector.

Due to his outstanding IT skills, Henry is responsible for A&K’s IT strategy and concepts.

Henry studied computer science at the Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg and has recently started a distance study of social computer science. He is fluent in German and English.

Brahim Sakout Andaloussi

Brahim Sakout Andaloussi joined Allolio&Konrad in 2007.

Brahim is an expert in the areas of revenue assurance, reporting and monitoring as well as data migration and system development. During his time as a consultant, he supported several projects concerning data quality and system migration and has also gained experience around process improvements and profitability analysis. His expertise is not limited to the telecommunications industry, but also comprises knowledge on pay-TV and utility providers.

Brahim got a diploma in Computer Science focusing on Economics from the Technical University of Munich.

Dr. Grischa Studzinski

Grischa Studzinski started his career at Allolio&Konrad in 2013.

Grischa has a highly analytical mindset which allows him to structure and solve complex problems, as well as understand and optimize processes quickly.

In his time at A&K, Grischa supported transformation, consolidation and migration projects, in an assurance role, as commercial workstream lead, PMO and project manager. In doing so, he got experience working with service providers in ICT, finance and telecommunications on supplier as well as customer side in different technological contexts, like SIP telephony or M2M.

His strength is the communication with internal as well as external stakeholders. His experience allows him to close the gap between business, IT and technical teams.

Grischa has a PhD in mathematics from RWTH Aachen University. He is certified Prince 2 practitioner as well as professional scrum master and product owner. He has knowledge in managerial accounting and Scrum for agile project management and possesses presentation and moderation skills. Grischa is fluent in German and English.

Christian Müller

Christian Müller joined Allolio&Konrad in 2008 and is one of our Principal Consultants.

Christian's passion is the handling of huge data sets, not only with respect to analyses, but also particularly in the areas of ETL processes, data preparation, data provisioning and reporting. Following his studies of business computer science, Christian has strengthened our team significantly with his data migration expertise and in the context of our assurance and delivery projects.

His extensive IT knowledge enables Christian to automate complicated processes and the necessary data activities. In case these processes are not automatable, he provides relevant tools to the users, so that they can handle the process activities without deep IT knowledge.

Christian has developed a web-based reporting for the profitability analysis including its data production for a major ITC service provider in Germany. Even after several years, the reporting is still a central pillar for their controlling activities.

Christian received his diploma in business informatic from the University of Duisburg-Essen in Essen. He is fluent in German and English.

Some Of Our Consultants

Dr. Cristian Neacsu

Cristian Neacsu joined the team in 2014.

During his time at A&K, Cristian was part of a wide variety of projects across the energy, financial services and telco sectors. On these projects, Cristian obtained considerable expertise in commercial and contract negotiations and a profound insight into project and programme management. Cristian has been PMO Lead for a multinational transformation programme and knows about the way telco services are purchased in the financial services sector. His excellent analytical skills allow him to break down complex situations into structured and manageable pieces of information and/or actions. Cristian’s deep understanding of socially and politically volatile environments has helped him time and again to successfully overcome cultural and communication barriers and thus ensure the focus on the project deliverables is maintained.

Cristian received his PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Cologne in Germany. He speaks German, English and Romanian.

Dr. Sandra Cramer

Sandra Cramer joined Allolio&Konrad in 2015.

During her first engagement, Sandra supported a major UK telecommunications network provider in implementing a new invoicing process and improving the quality assurance process to enable successful project delivery. In her role, she gained substantial technical knowledge on different IT components and managed large and complex data sets.

Sandra has been supporting a major bank in renewing the IT infrastructure of their retail branches to meet today’s requirements of digitalization.

Due to her scientific background, she is adept at structuring problems, analytical thinking and grasping new concepts quickly. These qualities have aided her greatly in successfully tackling her clients’ problems. Sandra is also very dedicated to her projects and always determined to deliver high-quality results. During her scientific studies this was reelected by her track-record in publications and her numerous presentations on international conferences.

Sandra holds a diploma in Chemistry and a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Münster. She is fluent in German and English and has a basic knowledge of Spanish.

Michael Holle

Michael Holle joined the Allolio&Konrad team in 2016 and is one of A&K’s experts in the utilities and energy sector.

Michael supported a German energy provider in several projects in the areas of product management, sales steering as well as sales and operations planning. During these projects, he gained deep expertise in product portfolio management, product modelling, sales and budget planning and vendor management.
Michael is highly valued for his solution design, process design and optimization as well as high-quality deliverables.
In addition, he provides a strong analytical capability and deep ETL knowledge which he expresses, inter alia, in comprehensive market and risk analyses as well as in the implementation of structured and robust reporting and monitoring systems.

Michael received his master’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Bonn. He is fluent in German, English and Italian and has a basic knowledge of Spanish.

Manuel Leichsenring

Manuel Leichsenring joined the Allolio&Konrad team in 2016.

Manuel has worked on a variety of projects to help large telco companies successfully deliver major BSS transformation programmes. He has gained particular experience in the topics of user access management, monitoring and business transformation.

As a scientist by training, Manuel is an expert on analysing, structuring and simplifying complex problems. Complemented by a strong technical understanding and outstanding interpersonal skills, this allows him to continuously exceed his clients' expectations.

Manuel has received his diploma in biology at the University of Freiburg and his PhD at the University of Mainz.

Theresa Esch

Theresa Esch joined Allolio&Konrad in 2016 after completing her studies in International Business at Technische Hochschule Köln.

Prior to her employment, Theresa gained fundamental experiences in consulting and telecommunications industry during internships at several companies.

So far, Theresa has been engaged in projects for both mobile/fixed-line providers as well as cable network operators. Her engagements have mainly focused on project management, data processing and knowledge management. She has particularly supported clients in (re-) structuring and optimising processes and in developing and extending internal networking.

Theresa’s strong analytical skills enable her to quickly identify the source of complex problems and to deliver sustainable solutions accordingly.

Theresa is fluent in German and English and has basic knowledge in French and Spanish.

Fabian Dornuf

Fabian Dornuf joined the Allolio&Konrad team in 2017.

In his work, Fabian has been involved in the planning and operation of retirement projects in a large telecommunication company. He created a standardized process to coordinate the different implications of a retirement project. Through extensive analysis and coordination, Fabian enabled himself to consider the different views of technology, IT, legal and marketing for his concepts.

Already during his studies at the university, he gained the ability to analyze complex problems and achieved to simplify difficult problems to create practical actions in everyday processes.

Fabian has a Master degree in Physics from the Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main. He is fluent in German an English.