Our Culture

Allolio&Konrad are only able to consistently delight our clients by hiring extremely talented people and by helping and supporting them to become even better. Impressive academic achievement forms the baseline for joining us, but what is truly mandatory is that you share our can-do attitude, love a challenging environment that demands creative thinking, have a strong belief in the power of collaborative teamwork and a passion for making a difference.

We don’t have a long list of core values, but the three we do have we take very seriously:

Integrity: We work hard to be transparent and ethically responsible. When you engage us you know and appreciate that we tell things as they truly are. You can take comfort from knowing we will match our actions and behaviours to our words and interactions. We stand behind our responsibilities and our promises.

Value Creation: All of our clients in today’s fast moving environment have an expectation and a need for partners that add real value to their businesses. We pride ourselves on not resting until we have played our part by consistently adding measurable value and justifying our clients’ trust in our long-term relationships.

Respect and Trust for the Individual: We treat and value people as the individuals they are. We operate flat hierarchies because we trust our people to do the right thing and to decide for themselves what is appropriate. We are immensely proud that we have not had to change that philosophy even once over the last decade. We believe every member of an A&K team makes a uniquely valuable contribution, both internally and externally.

We would sum up our culture by simply stating that we are unyieldingly 
‘Committed to our Customers and our People!